Escape The Vape

Vaping is on the rise and is very popular. Recently, it has been linked to popcorn lung, heavy metal exposure, and other chemical dangers.

There has been recent press and news about vaping. Vaping disease even became a plot point for the Adult Swim show On Cinema at the Cinema during the courtroom episodes. So there is a war of opinions and the court of public opinion is just beginning. Nonetheless, for vape manufacturers such as Juul this is a high dollar business. Yet, there is also an ever growing body of state and federal agencies like the FDA (The Real Cost) as well as smaller groups, private citizens and firms who may be bringing class actions or wish to distribute information on vaping.

In that sense, this domain name, ESCAPE THE VAPE is an ideal campaign name for Ad Agencies, or other agents who represent the above and want to own an original and clever name that grabs the attention and imagination.

Please submit your offers for this name to Low value offers may not be responded to. However, serious offers will be responded to quickly. Thank you for your consideration.